A Lost Dream

Ankita Jhaveri
Mar 10, 2021


This is something I wrote in high school. Our prompt was to emulate a piece of writing we admired. I recently came across this while digging through old journals.

What happens to a lost dream?

Is it forgotten like the memories of the past?

Or is it renewed, like a vow?

Is it deferred, like the rainbow of a storm?

Do you find it seething in the sun, boiling and

Evaporating away into nothing?

Or do you find it in a treasure box,

Safe and hidden away?

Does it weigh you down

Or lift you up?

Does it come back to you?

And do you take it back?



Ankita Jhaveri

Mom, wife, sister, daughter. Friend, neighbor, peer, leader. I believe in and value the power of people and relationships.